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Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs will this program prepare me for?

You will have a strong boost in a wide array of management, commercial and product-related jobs.

We believe in skills more than labels. This is what you’ll gain:

  • Business Owners – You will be able to achieve your company vision without running out of money, and all your employees could be trusted with a budget (if they enrol to Finance for Business Survival, too).
  • Managers and Team Members – You will be able to make day-to-day decisions about your teams and projects, while maintaining a budget and knowing when not to make an investment. Financial literacy will help you in every situation.
  • Recent Graduates – You will have full understanding of what a healthy business looks like, how to make a winning business plan and how to plan ahead.
  • Startup Founders – You will be able to make a profitable business plan, avoid hiring unnecessary commercial co-founders, make financial projections, and investors will be confident that you won’t lose their money (unlike most businesses).
  • Freelancers – You will have the skills to grow your operation, hire employees to handle more projects and plan ahead. Your service will become a business.
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