Entreprenable: Proudly Un-Certified Albena Neyra | May 14, 2019

In today’s landscape, the pace at which technology is moving can keep even the most driven and ambitious executive on their toes. The digital skills gap widens with every introduction of a new technology or breakthrough in machine learning.

You know this already though.

The importance of lifelong learning isn’t something new to you. Any professional worth their weight understands how crucial staying on top of their industry is as well as the importance of maintaining a healthy working mind.

Now, the company you work for may have some internal training but you find it to be lacklustre. Not wanting to fall behind in the slightest, you do what many do: decide to take your education and progression into your own hands.

You may not have the capital — whether time or money — to invest in an onsite, physical learning course so you sign up to an online course.

There are many incredible online courses but you decide that you want something accredited. After all, you’re the type of person who takes their professional development seriously and if it’s not accredited, then why bother?

So you diligently signup to an accredited course from a seemingly reputable online school. You’ve set aside time in your already packed-out schedule dedicated to learning time and you’re ready to learn.

But the first module has finished and you haven’t learned anything new.

You think to yourself, “Hmm. Maybe the course is just getting warmed up and the advanced stuff will come later.” So you continue with the course.

There are small ideas you pick up here and there but nothing career-altering; no breakthrough information of what you don’t know already.

“I guess since I already work in the industry, I already know a lot. But I know I have gaps in my skillset… what’s going on here?”

Accreditation is what’s going on here. The material is already out of date.

Now, in some industries, an accredited course with strict exams and criteria are 100% necessary. You don’t want your surgeon to be schooled from a Udemy course that was on sale for Black Friday (making questionable margins). And you don’t want your accountant winging it either. There are reasons you need a license for these practices.

But when it comes to digital skills and business development, you don’t need a certified course.

Technology is moving so fast that for a school to pursue accreditation, would mean to freeze the curriculum in time while the rest of the industry barrels forward.

Many “EdTech” startups are creating content on the bleeding edge of the industry and to pursue accreditation for those courses but spell not only certain death for those businesses but would also delivery subpar results for the students.

Ideally, you want a learning environment that provides relevant course material coupled with a hands-on approach that allows you to learn by experience, not passively from a droning lecture. All while delivering the content in a quick and friendly manner that you can digest at your own pace.

We believe this is the modern approach to learning for busy, ambitious professionals that want to stay ahead of the curve in a fast-moving and mobile environment.

Entreprenable Business Academy: Proudly Un-Certified. We believe in skills, not labels.

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This article was written with the help of Ludo de Angelis.