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9. Marketing Success Factors

  • Well tested web based business education solution to learn and become proficient in Entrepreneurial Accounting and Strategic Financial Management in a short time, maximum six month of study at a pace of 6 hours per week.

  • At the end of the study period the student who passes a professional examination will be qualified to be awarded a certificate of proficiency in Entrepreneurial Accounting and Strategic Financial Management.

  • The professional certificate will allow the graduated expert to significantly increase his/her chances of obtaining employment in banking, commerce, management, the financial sector, building/housing development, insurance, import/export business and last but least to work independently as an Entrepreneur.

  • The cost of tuition is highly competitive compared to other online courses, whether residential, in colleges and universities, training courses offering a business education of the same quality, depth and extent of knowledge and skills than EntreprenAble.

  • The Course includes tutorial coaching, person to person or in groups to carry Questions and Answers Sessions, via state-of-the-art virtual class room, to exchange knowledge between the teachers and the students.

  • EntreprenAble teaches the use of interactive accounting and finance software to perform the preparation of financial statements and to carry simulations or “What If” cases or scenarios to analyse the impact of key management actions on liquidity and profitability.

  • There is a Business Simulation Game to perform simulations on increase of capital, changes in prices, varying quantities of sales, decrease in operating costs and bank borrowing.

  • The last section is a Business Plan to learn how to prepare a planning document to obtain financing from investors or banks and to have greater visibility on the operations of the company and the financial results of their trading activities in several years ahead.

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