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4. Main Features

EntreprenAble is a comprehensive course in entrepreneurial accounting and strategic financial management developed for the everyday work needs of entrepreneurs, employees and professionals.

Its main features are:

• EntreprenAble is a 100% web educational solution based on a unique, innovative business education methodology. It runs on a content management system.

• EntreprenAble provides an affordable, universal, worldwide access to a complete business accounting and strategic financial management course to both urban and rural communities, at university level, with minimum entry (just the ability to navigate the web, no mathematics required).

• The course has been designed for online self-study and upon necessity complemented by virtual classroom sessions with a Tutor. The role of the Tutor would be to strengthen the learning by addressing topics where students may have difficulties in assimilating the subject and to answer questions raised by the students.

• EntreprenAble provides business education to everybody, poor and rich, advantageous and disadvantageous populations, men and women, young and adults. There is a solid, sustainable transfer of knowledge and skills of a full course in business management.

• Successful students will have the necessary competence and business know-how to be offered employment in the corporate and public sectors. Or run their own business as entrepreneurs.

• EntreprenAble operates in several languages with qualified tutors to support the students in their learning efforts employing direct “face to face” web-based tutorials. It is available in English, Spanish and French. It will be available shortly in Italian and Portuguese. Other important language will follow.

• Breakthrough learning method to record transactions and create financial statements based on typical or “distinctive” transactions.

• MBA quality knowledge and competency in business accounting and strategic financial management.

• Increases the chances of the student to be Employ-Able.

• Boosts the professional value and the current job performance.

• Enables the student to acquire entrepreneurial skills and to talk professionally to accountants and financial people.

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