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11. Competition and Pricing


To the best knowledge of the authors there is not a similar 100% web based, e-learning method in Entrepreneurial Accounting and Strategic Financial Management, in the market, which covers the full course content for the graduate to become an expert in Entrepreneurial Accounting and Strategic Financial Management.

It offers to the student the following distinct advantages:

1. MBA quality of competency in entrepreneurial accounting and strategic financial management.

2. A fully comprehensive course on entrepreneurial accounting and strategic financial management using a teaching methodology that simulates the life of a real company thus allowing the student to learn the theory and the practice on a "business laboratory" environment.

3. The complete Ccourse is equipped with an accounting and a financial strategy software especially designed to learn by practicing management actions such as an increase in capital, increase in market share, increase/decrease of prices, decrease of operating costs and increase in bank borrowing in attaining selected financial targets: liquidity and profitability.

4. The student will acquire knowledge and skills in the accounting cycle and the preparation of financial statements from entering business transactions in the journal up to the preparation of final financial statements. These are learnt transaction by transaction, both theoretically and practically, by entering transactions in the journal, balance sheet, income statement, trial balance, statement of cash flows and statement of changes in capital.

5. Using the Accounting Lab, master the analysis of financial ratios, cash management and changes of equity.

6. The student Learn Financial Appraisal of an investment in the firm by applying quantitative techniques to analyse: Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Break-even Point, Payback Period.

7. The student using the Business Game software will learn, by playing in a simulated environment, how the financial statements and the targets of liquidity and profitability, as well as the leading indicators of financial performance, will change with management actions such an increase in capital, increase in market share, increase/decrease of prices, decrease of operating costs and increase in bank borrowing.

8. The student will learn to prepare a Business Plan to consolidate the knowledge and skills learnt in the Course in the 'real' business environment of the Business Plan. The Business Plan is a mandatory document when presenting the business case to a bank for a loan or to external/internal investors for an investment in the firm. Last but not least important it is a key document to plan for the coming years of the life of the company thus to have a good understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the company.


As stated above EntreprenAble is a unique educational system offering a professional content, leading to the student becoming an expert in Entrepreneurial Accounting and Strategic Financial Management, in 60 hours of study. The Owners are not aware of a similar educational solution in the marketplace.

Thus the pricing policy is designed to allow students to be able to afford the Course, even for students of limited financial means.

The objective of EntreprenAble is to offer, for the first time, access to quality education in business, at a professional level, to a vast majority of youth, entrepreneurs and graduates of multiple disciplines who would not have the opportunity to a solid education at an affordable price elsewhere.

The revenue associated with running the business is based on licenses being sold at the following unit prices, which are monitored and revised annually to take into account competition, inflation, economic growth or recession leading to higher or lesser demand by consumers.

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