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Exercises on Strategic Financial Management

Given the following financial targets use the Business Game to enter the right amounts in the cash flows so that the targets can be achieved.

The method to calculate the right amounts of capital, number of licenses to be sold, unit prices, cost reduction and bank borrowing is as indicated in cases 1 through 5 in this Module 4.

The Business Game applied to strategic financial management allows the student to make management decisions in a simulated environment or ”business laboratory”.

These decisions involve critical management actions such as increasing: capital, market share, unit prices; or a decrease in costs that will have an impact on liquidity, equity, ROE and ROIC.

The method to calculate the target values of liquidity, equity, ROE and ROIC is as shown in Module 4 throughout.

The methodology of analysis to arrive at these target values is carried out by calculating the difference, case by case, of these target values with the values in the baseline case, obtain the new values and entering them in the cash flows.

Subsequently the Business Game will obtain the new target values of liquidity, equity, ROE and ROIC.

The simulations are intended at reaching selected targets of liquidity, equity, ROE and 

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