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Provides you with long-term benefits at affordable cost. This is your self-paced, high quality source of knowledge. It is at your fingerprints @EntreprenAble Business Academy.

No pre-requisites to enroll

This course is self-contained by design. No prior experience and knowledge is expected. Willingness to learn is most welcome.

Quality financial content in extent and depth

Educating yourself is an ongoing, life-long process. Improve your current skills proactively and respond quickly to tomorrow’s demands. This course offers an excellent content at MBA level. The Accounting Simulator and the online Business Game will keep your interest.

Unique teaching methodology

The innovative business simulation methodology facilitates learning. This is what is needed to boost the knowledge of financial fundamentals. The course uses “Typical Transactions”. These transactions are repeated indefinitely during operation of any company.

Study anywhere, anytime

You don’t need to abandon your other activities if you wish so.
This course offers you flexibility and convenience. Study whenever you wish.
Don’t waste time on travel.

Experience state of the art virtual classroom

It’s tough to manage or own a business in this highly competitive market.
Live tutor support and peer-to-peer meeting help you with insider know-how on how to manage finance for best results.

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