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Manage cash flows professionally

Know your cash. Is your cash flow positive – turn on the alert and watch for it.

Make sound financial decisions

Use financial and business information to make decisions with bottom-line results. Plan as much as possible and be calm because you always know where your business is heading up.

Ensure sustainable liquidity and profitability

Run simulations or "What If" scenarios to analyse the impact on profitability and solvency of marketing actions, pricing policies, cost reduction and bank borrowing. Boost your worth as you see the vital information on the spot.

Be competent in preparing and interpreting financial statements

Read financial statements and make predicted ones. You will know from the inside how the business is going. Have the knowledge not to miss your future fortunes.

Be proficient in financial management tools

Knowing management tools can help you run your business better and make more money. It boosts your analytic capacity to see the trends instead of just looking at "now".

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