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Launch your business efficiently

Learn how to finance assets, forecast cash flows, keep a budget, determine which operations are profit generating and which are not. Start a business with confidence. Deal with financiers and investors with confidence. Learn how to manage your finances and grow your business. Stay in business and turn to profit with confidence.

Prepare opening financial statements

Want to make convincing proposals? Don’t get scared by complex jargon. Have iron arguments and facts. Express your business idea with solid financial statements because you know how to use financial information in business decision-making.

Analyse financial statements using ratio analysis

Increase your impact on financial planning, budgeting and forecasting. Improve your understanding of financial results and trends. Remember how important trends are?

Carry out efficient cash management

Regular cash projections help identifying the profitability of the business and, very importantly, the funding requirements. Know how to protect your business’ cash flow. Plan for growth and the related cash outflow. Margins is what matters.

Ensure sustainable liquidity and profitability for your business

Start-ups depend on good cash flow management. In the long-term the business must be profitable. Know how liquidity strategies affect business’ profitability. Ensure that your business will survive in the long term by making management decisions that achieve sustainable liquidity and profitability.

Run simulations to reach financial objectives

Use liquidity strategies for your business to survive and be profitable. If your business goes bad with money, selling more won’t always save you.

Prepare a compelling and convincing Business Plan
to raise capital or obtain funding

Convince with strength that your business concept will be successful and that you have the skill to make it profitable.

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