Hello, we are EntreprenAble Albena Neyra | October 24, 2015

We are happy to launch our long awaited blog. We will bring many ideas, concepts, best practice in business accounting and strategic financial management that, we are confident, will be of benefit to our friendly readers.

A good topic to start with is about the importance of financial skills to help business owners keep growing the business. Financial literacy is an indispensable skill in the society nowadays.


Results of surveys and research works show that it is not possible to survive and work efficiently today without being financially literate. It is absolutely vital for business owners and entrepreneurs.

How to find the harmony between the recurrent needs businesses have and the needs of growth? Suppliers’ relationship vs Clients’ relationship? What is the impact of keeping a close track of the cash flow?

Cash flow is the lifeline of a business. Even profitable and growing companies can run into financial crises if they do not exercise effective cash flow management. That means to have enough money to go ahead. One example is that suppliers may not be willing to extend a credit and the business can not operate and this in its turn brings delays in payments to come in.

Have you confronted with anything like this? We are here to listen to your stories and exchange real-life experience.