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Run simulations and analyse the impact on profitability and solvency. See how your marketing actions, pricing policies, cost reduction and bank borrowing affect your bottom line. Boost your worth as you see the vital information on the spot.
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Respond to the Market

Whether a Junior or Senior, you can be creative to satisfy your customers’ needs with a profitable business model.

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Plan ahead and avoid cash flow issues, or even worse: losing all your money.

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Learn the fundamentals of accounting, financial projections and investment appraisal in under 60 hours.
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Train yourself and your team and boost your company's productivity

Very full and practical approach. This course is innovative and rewarding. It is very easy to access at home, work or on the go.

Mark Stevens, New York City USA

EntreprenAble is not only the best student's reference to the most commonly used technics and practices in accounting and financial analysis, but it's really the perfect 'tool box' for financial managers.

David Anderson, Boston USA

Reading EntreprenAble is smooth and refreshingly jargon-free and I have immersed with no stress in this tick subject.

Nigel Walters, UK

Give your business the gift of life

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