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About us


  • Financial knowledge and skills are needed in every business and organisation. However, learning these knowledge and skills is barred to many individuals for reasons of access and affordability.
  • Entrepreneurs in small and medium businesses are also in need of best affordable and accessible business education to be able to prepare business plans, finance control the running of the business. They need to be able to discuss convincingly about financial statements and financial strategy with professionals such as accountants, financial managers, and other stakeholders.
  • Access barriers are academic qualifications, financial and numerical literacy, the need to work and not to study for family support reasons, geographical location far from urban educational institutions where these are clustered. Affordability barriers are very high price of tuition fees, need to pay for subsistence, books, being able to study while performing gainful employment.
  • Thus, our vision is to help eliminate these barriers and contribute to human progress, to provide needed business education, at the lowest cost, and free of academic obstacles, available anywhere, anytime.
  • Also to foster entrepreneurship, which is widely recognised as a powerful development boosting tool, by offering a framework of financial and accounting theory and analysis to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses and create wealth and employment, in their families and in their communities.


Our core mission is to:

  • Provide the best, affordable, accessible, quality business education at MBA level to the young and growing population of future entrepreneurs and job seekers in corporations and government institutions.
  • Help entrepreneurs launch and succeed in their own businesses, learners to find gainful employment, and independent and employed professionals to foster their careers.
  • Empower our students by providing knowledge and skills on the fundamentals of running solvent and profitable businesses.

Who we are


Civil Engineer, Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Civil Engineering (major in Construction Management), Master of Commerce (major in Project Finance), Ph.D. (Candidate) in Accounting
Principal Author

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Alberto Neyra Estens – Extensive professional experience as international consultant in financial management systems and project and public procurement. Main areas of expertise: public and project procurement regulations, rules and procedures, project accounting and financial management, and in contract administration of Civil Works (construction), Goods and Non Consulting Services and Consulting Services. Including all stages of the public procurement /tendering cycle from planning and costing, preparation of bidding documents and RFPs, technical and financial evaluations of consulting proposals and bid evaluations, contract negotiations, contract award and administration.

Alberto has authored, as an individual consultant in projects financed by the World Bank, key documents on Public Procurement for sovereign Clients: (i) Public Procurement Decree Law; (ii) Public Procurement Manual; (iii) Contract Administration Manual for Public Procurement; (iii) Property Disposal Manual of State Assets and (iv) Standard Bidding Documents for Works, Goods and Technical Services, Consulting Services and State Assets Disposal.

Internationally recognised trainer in public procurement and financial management.

  • Extensive professional experience in public and project procurement legal framework, regulations and practice and in financial management with broad experience in World Bank financed projects of which more than 11 years in Eastern Europe;
  • Outstanding track record of management and supervision of different contracts of public procurement such as International and National Competitive Bidding, including single and two stage bidding procedures, National Request for Quotations, International and National Request for Proposals for Consulting Services. Procurement advisor for complex procurement operations of Civil Works, Plant and Equipment, Consulting Services and Training;
  • Business process designer of FinancialWorks;
  • Countries of Experience, in projects financed by the World Bank, InterAmerican Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Millenium Challenge Corporation (a development agency of the American Government), Development Finance Corporation of Peru (COFIDE): Western Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, Mali, Palestine, Indonesia, Vietnam, Albania, Nicaragua, East Timor, El Salvador, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Greece, Peru, United Kingdom, Madagascar, Senegal.

Post Graduate Studies at the University of Birmingham, England:

  1. Faculty of Commerce and Social Sciences, Department of Accounting: Ph.D. Candidate in Accounting;
  2. Faculty of Commerce and Social Sciences: obtained degree of Master of Commerce (M.Com.). Major in Project Finance.
  3. Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Transportation and Environmental Planning: obtained degree of Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in Construction Management in 1972. Major in Accounting and Financial Management in the Construction Sector.

Under Graduate Studies at the National University of Engineering, Lima, Peru, Obtained degree in Civil Engineering, major in Structural Design. Member of Colegio de Ingenieros del Peru.


Content and Web Publishing, Business Development and Strategy, Project Management

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Main fields of expertise: organizing the content pipeline, and working with the authors throughout the content development process. Advisory and training services in project accounting and financial management during project implementation in World Bank financed projects in Eastern Europe where the software application product developed by TAPPS Ltd., FinancialWorks, has been installed and running;

Designer, project manager and installation and trainer of FinancialWorks;

Preparation of investment appraisal methodology for projects in the area of applied science;


Senior Product Officer and IT Technical Writer; Backend Development

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Develop and implement software applications for Procurement and Financial Management in World Bank financed projects;

Advisory on procurement and financial management issues concerning procurement planning, tendering, contract administration;

Training of financial managers and procurement managers, prepare and customise Financial Management System Manuals, lead the team providing on-going technical support.; technical and financial  assessment of project proposals;

Main designer, installation and trainer of FinancialWorks;

Consultant in Financial Management, Public Procurement practices, Project Management in World Bank financed projects;

Lecturer in International Economics at the Distance Learning Centre of UARD (University of Agriculture and Regional Development) – Plovdiv, Bulgaria;

Economist, expert in procurement and financial management, excellent project management and leadership capabilities.

Alberto, Albena and Plamen have created and developed proprietary IT solutions

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For contract administration, public procurement, project accounting and financial management. Alberto has co-authored, designed and developed, with the support of financial and IT programming experts, a fully automated Contract Administration, Financial, Procurement and Project Management System, PAIS (Project Accounting and Financial Information System), renamed FinancialWorks.

Technical Assistance in Public Procurement Systems Ltd (TAPPS Ltd.)

Registered in England and Wales, Nr. 4835663;

VAT: GB 995 7007 77
Address: 2, Old Brompton Rd., London SW73DQ, United Kingdom
Phone: +442081809063

We will endeavour to reply to your request within one (1) working day (Monday – Friday) and resolve any complaint within five (5) working days from receipt of the complaint.

EntreprenAble is a trade mark of TAPPS Ltd.

EntreprenAble Business Academy is the Online Training division and the educational trading name of TAPPS Ltd.

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